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Leadership in a Cyber-Dependent World

Successful leaders in today's connected world should be able to coordinate, communicate, and lead across technical and non-technical teams to raise awareness and educate all employees about cyber vulnerabilities, threats, and risk mitigation to ensure that business operations continue despite the onslaught of malicious activity from well-resourced and increasingly sophisticated cyber actors.
Connected devices and technologies are ubiquitous enablers that drive business value and mission success across all sectors of the economy. These opportunities come with risks and a cybersecurity incident affecting your organization is a certainty. The ability to lead proactively and effectively during a cybersecurity crisis is the difference between success and upward mobility and reputational damage and value loss. Leadership is an essential element of any cybersecurity strategy from resilience to talent acquisition and retention. This program is the ideal blend of leadership, technical education, and practical skills that will form the foundation of leadership roles in a wide variety of industries and organizations for decades to come.
The blend of technical computer network exploitation education with skills like crisis communications, digesting and actioning intelligence, and thinking strategically about the future of cybersecurity as technology evolves is essential to the success of any leader across sectors. Together with an in-person practicum at the end of the course, this approach creates a community of skilled cyber leaders with a deep network of resources from which each student can pull as they continue in their leadership journey.
The courses are specifically designed to create leaders with real cyber talent and hard skills who can critically evaluate a cybersecurity incident and act and respond accordingly. The strategic nature of the courses also prepares the cohort to create internal cybersecurity policies and strategies while interpreting external policies for how they may impact their organization.
Those who successfully complete this program will earn the Certificate in Cyber Leadership .
**Discounts are available for NYU Alumni, US Government employees (city/state/federal), and US Veterans. Learn more via the link above.

Course Topics will include:

  • Basics of Cyber Network Attack (CNA) - Adversary Tactics and Techniques
  • Consuming Intelligence for Leaders
  • Crisis Communications
  • The Future of Cybersecurity and Emerging Tech
  • Basics of Cyber Incident Response
  • Security Versus Compliance

Note: Those who will benefit most from this program will have some professional experience managing small teams, and will be interested in gaining the cyber knowledge and leadership skills to advance in their careers.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Understand how a cyberattack is planned and executed.
  • The difference between cyber security and compliance.
  • How to consume and provide feedback to cybersecurity intelligence reports.
  • Lead and manage the adoption of new technologies.
  • Create and build cybersecurity policies and strategies.
  • Build and manage a crisis communications plan.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to cybersecurity incidents.

Ideal for

  • Team and department level supervisors whose portfolios include a nexus to cybersecurity and the implementation of emerging technologies
  • Team members who aspire to, or are newly appointed to, team or department level supervisor positions.

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      Fall 2024
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      Oct 7 - Dec 10
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