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International Law and Human Rights

  • Taught by Lawyers and International Legal Scholars
  • Focuses on International Legal System
  • Explores Human Rights Norms and Structures

International law addresses not only trade and business, but also criminal and war crimes prosecutions, post-conflict transitional justice, reparations, and national reconstruction. Gain insights into human rights norms and structures in an international framework, including the defining and provision of social and economic rights, as well as what redress the international community offers to the violations of these rights.

Gender in International Affairs

Gain a broad, multidisciplinary overview of gender in international affairs, drawing upon examples from international, national, and local contexts.

2018 Fall
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Examining Aspirations and Applications: Human Rights in US Foreign Policy

This course will examine US national security issues through the prism of human rights.

International Criminal Law and Human Rights

Gain a critical introduction to international criminal justice and examine the sources, systems, and foundations of international criminal law.

Torture in the 21st Century: History, Ethics, and Human Rights

Examine what constitutes torture—still one of the most widespread human rights crimes—and why it is used for coercive interrogation.