A Holistic Look at Iran: Economics, Religion, Politics, and More

Although Iran is in the news on a regular basis, its portrayal is often incomplete, confusing, and opaque with a plethora of contradictory information about its structure at all levels—from its very geography to its body politic. Yet, Iran is a significant geopolitical entity with its own priorities, history, goals, and challenges in our constantly evolving world. By considering Iran holistically - its environment, ethno-religious-linguistic composition, economics, history, and politics; one can gain an understanding of the complexity of Iranian culture, society and polity. The course will give a context to better understand how Iran views itself, its geopolitical position, motives and constraints when interacting with various neighbors and world powers.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A view of Iran’s environment and geography and the challenges it faces in the context of environmental change in the 21st century
  • An understanding of the composition of the Iranian ethnolinguistic structure and population
  • An overview of the Shiite/Sunni differences and the effects on the social structure in Iran
  • Familiarity with modern Iranian history (post-1906 Constitutional Revolution and the subsequent Islamic Revolution)
  • A view of the potential economic/industrial strength of Iran in the region and its relations with both regional and nonregional powers

Ideal for

  • Ideal for students who are interested in the current Middle East and a deeper understanding of the Iranian body politic
  • People looking for a deeper understanding of how “Iran works” and how it views itself in the current world
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