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Global Economy

  • Examines Global Role of Economic Activity
  • Explores Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Investigates Economic Relations Between Nations

These courses investigate the economic relations between nations and the increasing role of the private sector in government and civil society. They cover emerging economies in the global landscape, international business and finance, global capital markets, public-private partnerships, and international and multilateral financial institutions. They explore the emergence of corporate social responsibility and the influence of social entrepreneurship and impact investment. Faculty members include international bankers, financial advisers, and political risk managers.

LNG 101: Energy for a Cleaner Future

Learn how natural gas and LNG have an important and growing role to play in the global energy mix for a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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Trade Wars! Trade Policy in the Trump Administration

Explore the Trump administration’s trade policy measures and their implications for the US economy and the world trade regime.

2019 Summer
1 section

Brazil's Economic Development

Explore Brazil’s emergence as an economic power, and delve into the economic challenges it faces now and in the future.

2019 Summer
1 section

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and the Blockchain

Learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, become familiar with Bitcoin, and gain a broad overview of blockchain concepts.

2019 Summer
1 section

The IMF, WTO, and World Bank: Can They Revive Global Cooperation?

Explore the important roles of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization in the global economy.

2019 Summer
1 section

Country Risk: Geopolitics, Policy, and Regulation

Gain an understanding of the drivers and costs associated with specific risks in the context of energy markets and project finance.

2019 Summer
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Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Explore the driving forces behind corporate social responsibility, including how companies incorporate it into their growth strategies.

The Global Financial System: Understanding Data and News

Gain clarity on the key issues currently facing economists and financial markets, as well as the geopolitical aspects of these issues.

Emerging Economies in the International Financial System

Explore the international monetary and financial system, including the opportunities and constraints faced by emerging economies in this system.

International Political Economy

Gain a better understanding of the state of the world economy and the opportunities and challenges posed by international economic interdependence.

China's Emergence as a Global Power

Explore China’s emergence as a global economic, financial, political, and military power.

Writing Clinic for Global Professionals

Gain the techniques to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of your technical writing—whether in business, economics, finance, or law.