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Finance and Evaluation

  • Analyzes Nonprofit Financial Statements
  • Focuses on Program Evaluation
  • Explores Nonprofit Endowment and Investments

These courses help to define the appropriate system by which money matters are managed including investments, endowments, and the use of the nonprofit organizations charitable contributions. In addition, they include an overview of proper evaluation of programs and services to ensure the correct use of the organization’s resources.

Basics of Nonprofit Finances

Gain a basic overview of nonprofit financial management, and discuss tax-exempt status, financial statement preparation, and reporting.

2017 Fall
1 section

Endowment Concepts and Practices

Enhance your knowledge of endowment concepts and practices for nonprofits.

2017 Summer
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Understanding Financial Tools to Enhance the Nonprofit Mission

Become knowledgeable about three financial tools used by nonprofits: the financial statement, the operating budget, and IRS Form 990.

2017 Fall
1 section

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Reporting: Intensive in Fundraising

Become familiar with financial statements and learn how to use them, while exploring the nuances and implications of financial reporting.

2017 Summer
1 section

Analyzing and Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements

Learn about financial statements, understand how to use them, and explore the nuances of financial reporting for nonprofit organizations.

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Reporting: Winter Term

Take the initiative for your nonprofit organization by becoming familiar with financial statements and learning how to use them.