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Career Enhancement

  • Builds Professional Network
  • Expands Development Skill Sets
  • Focuses on Professional Advancement

Whether you are currently employed in fundraising or you are contemplating a career in this field, these courses provide advice and guidance for entering into this rewarding profession or expanding your current role and career options. Learn from seasoned veterans as you study with like-minded individuals who share your passion for raising money to support nonprofit institutions and worthy causes.

Careers in Fundraising

Explore the types of positions in fundraising and the skill sets necessary to be successful in this field.

How to Be a Successful Fundraiser

Explore fundraising, an exciting profession that offers meaningful job opportunities at a wide range of institutions, agencies, and organizations.

Transitioning to a Career in Fundraising

Learn how to transfer your skills to the fundraising field, find where you would fit best, and examine the job’s responsibilities.