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Credit Analysis

  • Taught by Leading Credit Practitioners
  • Builds Specialized Skill Sets
  • Intensive Workshops Available

These courses provide an overview of the fundamentals of credit analysis for today’s marketplace including how to conduct and write credit analysis reports; managing loans and loan portfolios; structuring term- and asset-based loans; and managing workouts and business bankruptcies. They are ideal for MBAs, recent college graduates, and professionals who currently work with, or who wish to transition into, the credit area.

Structuring Term Loans, Syndicated Transactions, and Project Finance

Examine how to underwrite and syndicate revolving credit and term loans to finance working capital, equipment, acquisitions, and projects.

2019 Summer
1 section

Bankruptcy, Workouts, and Reorganizations

This course—designed for bankers, workout specialists, lawyers, and other business personnel—examines corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

2019 Summer
1 section

Intensive Workshop: Credit Training Program

This seminar is designed for junior banking officers and for those in the financial services industry who seek to improve their credit skills.

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Managing a Commercial Loan Portfolio

Learn to underwrite and manage a portfolio of commercial mortgages and syndicated, middle-market, asset-based, and trade-finance loans.

2019 Summer
1 section

Writing a Credit Analysis

Learn to evaluate and to explain repayment of an asset-based, revolving credit, term, or commercial mortgage loan.

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Negotiating Loan Agreements

Review key elements of sample loan agreements for both bank standard loan agreements and private placements.

Writing a Credit Analysis II

Learn to evaluate and explain the risk in borrowers’ accounting principles, financial projections, and business practices.