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Budgeting, Financing, and Casting for Film and TV

Gain an understanding of film budgets and the casting process from a creative as well as a practical, boots-on-the-ground perspective. Learn the real-world implications that casting has on a project’s financing, budgeting, scheduling, and sales outlook. Also, get an overview of how successfully to work with casting directors, agents, managers, and studios, as well as how to negotiate talent contracts with entertainment attorneys. Additionally, this course will introduce you to Movie Magic Budgeting, an industry-standard budgeting software application. You will prepare a budget top-sheet for a non-union, low-budget independent feature film based on information that typically would be available during preproduction, including script, day out of days, one-line schedule, shooting schedule, departmental budgets, and other hypothetical parameters.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of the role a producer has in the casting of a film or TV project and the creation of a budget that can support casting decisions
  • A detailed understanding of casting, packaging, financing implications, budgets, schedules, and the effect on sales and distribution strategies for film and TV projects

Ideal for

  • Filmmakers and producers seeking to learn more about the business and creative processes involved in budgeting and casting a film or TV series
  • Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a film or TV producer
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