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Think Like an Entrepreneur

Think Like an Entrepreneur provides a rich introduction into the unique psychological, social, and cultural underpinnings of entrepreneurship. Ideal for everyone from coaches to investors to founders, this course offers a dynamic roadmap to the entrepreneurial personality, with the aim of understanding its gifts and mitigating its liabilities. Learnings from this course can be applied to cultivate one’s own entrepreneurial spirit, more effectively work with entrepreneurs, create an entrepreneurial culture, or foster an entrepreneurial mindset within an organization. Topics include the mental health of entrepreneurs; the role of neurodiversity in entrepreneurship; the genetic underpinnings of entrepreneurship; the personality traits that support and hinder entrepreneurial success; the biopsychology that influences entrepreneurial behavior; the cognition behind the entrepreneurial mindset; the cultural and gender norms that influence entrepreneurial attitudes; and more. 

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A deep understanding of the mental and physical health of entrepreneurs, including mental illness, stress, and lifestyle factors
  • A roadmap to the entrepreneurial personality, including the strengths and drawbacks of common traits, like passion and charisma
  • An awareness of the cognition of entrepreneurs, including neurodiversity, risk perception, motivational factors, and learning styles
  • A knowledge of the biology of entrepreneurs, including genetic predispositions and biopsychology behind their behavior

Ideal for

  • Coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, and HR professionals who work with entrepreneurial individuals
  • Current or aspiring founders who want to harness the power of their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Venture capitalists who aim to understand the strengths and challenges of the entrepreneurs they invest in
  • Business professionals who aspire to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to their organization
  • Startup employees who wish to better navigate the extremes of entrepreneurial culture and leadership
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