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Economic Development

  • Gain the tools needed to build stronger urban economies
  • Apply data to economic development problem-solving
  • Develop a catalog of best practices for what works in cities

The 21st century is the century of the city. We come together in cities, to live and to work, to play and to create. With more than half the world’s population currently living in cities—more than three billion people—and an estimated 60 million more moving to cities every year, cities are cauldrons of human creativity. The building of competitive, prosperous, and sustainable cities is the grandest of the grand challenges facing our world. Simply put, we will need new and innovative thinking brought to the forefront of urban economic development. Working with some of the leading economic development and city practitioners across the world, students will gain the skills, insights, and expertise needed to build more creative, innovative, and sustainable cities.

Creative Communities

Learn the principles of creative community building and gain practical examples and best practices for building more creative, inclusive communities.

Economic Development Partnerships

Become familiar with the tools used in modern-day economic development, including place-based incentives, grants, and financing models.

Placemaking and Community-Based Urbanism

Uncover the latest best practices and approaches for creative placemaking, including neighborhood revitalization and public and green space use.

Resilient Communities

Learn about urbanization’s growing strain on natural resources, and uncover assets and practices for developing a comprehensive resiliency plan.

Urban Innovation

Learn more about the innovative support programs that cities are utilizing to help fuel the growth of their start-up communities.