Hitchcock's Villains

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Alfred Hitchcock was the master of surprise and suspense, and one of his most unpredictable tricks was the way he presented his characters: while the heroes were often seriously flawed, the villains were consistently handsome, charming, and likable. Evil, his movies insist, is dangerously attractive, and people are almost eager to be seduced. We’ll watch six of the director’s films—Suspicion, Shadow of a Doubt, Notorious, Strangers on a Train, Psycho , and Frenzy —and examine how these stories play to Hitchcock’s obsessions with guilt and innocence, love and betrayal, and doubles and opposites. We’ll also delve into how Hitchcock’s choice of villains may suggest his own conflicted feelings about class, gender, and homosexuality. You will watch the films on your own and then meet online for lively and informative discussions. Questions? Contact us at The Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA). Email sps.cala@nyu.edu or call 212-998-7289Fall 2022 tuition is $419.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A greater appreciation for the complexity of Hitchcock’s films
  • Insights into character development in film

Ideal for

  • Film buffs of all ages
  • Media and culture professionals
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