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The Gothic Heroine

Classic gothic heroines like Catherine Earnshaw or Mina Harker are among the most widely recognized and frequently adapted literary characters of all time. Emerging in the late 18th century and persistently popular in our own time, gothic heroines from Emily St. Aubert to Bella Swan came of age along with feminism. Do these sensational romantic bestsellers work to challenge or to reinforce gender stereotypes? Do they build or bust myths of happily ever after and having it all? As they recycle gothic conventions, these narratives rewrite our definition of heroism and illuminate a great deal about our fantasies and fears. We will analyze these thrilling, infuriating, irresistible portrayals, asking whether heroines from the past two centuries can show us, to paraphrase Jane Austen, how to be the heroes of our own lives.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of gothic literary tropes
  • Familiarity with some of the key gothic texts and characters as well as their literary descendants

Ideal for

  • Anyone with an interest in literary fiction from the 18th century to the present day
  • Those with a particular interest in women and gender in literature
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      Summer 2021
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      Jun 3 - Jul 22
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      Harbin, Leigh
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