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Edward Price

Edward Price

Non-Resident Senior Fellow and Adjunct Instructor

Ed is the Managing Director U.S. for the City of London, the city's first ever "ambassador" to America.

Before this, Ed was Principal for Geopolitical Forecasting at Ergo, a global intelligence, consulting, and forecasting firm. In pursuit of some understanding of the international political economy, he's traveled widely from Uruguary to Ukraine. 

Ed is also a former British trade official. Based in the New York Consulate, he represented HM Government to Wall St and the US official sector from 2017 to 2021. These were, of course, the Brexit years.

As well as that, Ed's written for the Financial Times Alphaville, Barron's and the New Statesman, and has appeared regularly on Bloomberg TV and BBC World.  

Prior to consular service, Ed advised members of the European and British Parliaments and worked in the City of London. He was educated at the London School of Economics (LSE) and holds two Master’s degrees: MSc Finance and Economic Policy and MA German History. 

Finally, Ed speaks pretty good German and Italian, is a keen illustrator, mainly using pencils and ink, and teaches Japanese jiujitsu at his dojo in the Hudson Valley. 

Past Courses

International Political Economy

Gain a better understanding of the state of the world economy and the opportunities and challenges posed by international economic interdependence.