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James Freeman

James Freeman

Adjunct Instructor

Professor James Freeman has a PhD in political theory. He has been teaching college level courses (American Government, Sociology, Urban Politics, Political Philosophy) for just under thirty years. He really, really loves teaching. His research areas vary, from staid academic articles to accessible, topical contemporary issues essays. Along with a coauthor, he recently completed an American Government textbook, The Political Imagination, that they are trying desperately to get published. For now the text is online as a CUNY open source text American Government, they have also co-authored articles about the American Civil Rights movement, including the Poor People’s Campaign and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as more contemporary issues under Trumpism and Demagoguery in America , Bernie Sanders , and New York Labor Law . Professor Freeman's other academic scholarship in the political theory field includes "Another Side of C. Wright Mills" and “Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory”.

He currently teaches at NYU on a part time basis, along with two other area colleges. He tries, very hard, to make classes accessible, conversational and fun.

Currently Teaching

Political Thought and Life: From Plato to Climate Change

Political theory is often viewed as overly philosophical, abstract, and inapplicable to contemporary life. Our goal in this course will be to...