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Lori Greene

Lori Greene

Adjunct Instructor

Lori Greene is a proven multi-platform digital marketing executive highly proficient in all aspects of media including social, mobile, digital, video, television, and print.  She's spent her entire career creating, curating, marketing, and monetizing smart, cutting-edge content on television, mobile, web, print, and social media utilizing the highest journalistic standards.  At GroupM's Maxus, she created award-winning, viral work for Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, moved a major consulting company into the content marketing space, and led the development, sale, and creation of a 14-piece content series for a beverage brand.  All these projects garnered record-breaking numbers for the clients.  

She devised marketing and content strategies and ran editorial implementation for History.com, Biography.com, and BBCAmerica.com that resulted in explosive growth in all metrics. The highly engaging work that she directed led to several award-winning projects including a Best Cable Website nod for BBCAmerica.com.   At Time Inc. Content Solutions, she created thought leadership content on several platforms for financial services clients and in another role she executed a full digital rebrand and launched social media for the global company WOBI, home of the World Business Forum. 

In addition, she produced television shows for Lifetime, Food Network, and the Travel Channel and currently teaches courses on digital marketing, content, and social media.  Greene has a global perspective borne out of travel to all seven continents and over 100 countries from her days as a travel journalist. She interviewed subjects as diverse as Julia Child, Calvin Klein, a famous political prisoner in a Peruvian jail, and Dr. Michael Mann, the climatologist at the epicenter of the climate change debate.

When not working to transform digital entities, Greene concentrates on goal-oriented adventures -- she summited Mount Kilimanjaro, ran the New York City marathon, and snorkeled for miles with spawning salmon in a frigid Canadian river. 

Currently Teaching

Content Development Strategies for Digital Marketing

Learn how best to utilize video, text, audio, photography, and design to foster brand loyalty and to build trust in the digital realm.