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Ilona Rashkow

Ilona Rashkow

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ilona Rashkow, PhD, is an Adjunct Associate Professor within Center for Applied Liberal Arts and is a specialist in Judaic Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Literature. She is Professor Emerita at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Among her book publications are Taboo or Not Taboo: The Hebrew Bible and Human Sexuality; The Phallacy of Genesis: A Feminist-Psychoanalytic Approach; Upon the Dark Places: Sexism and Anti-Semitism in English Renaissance Biblical Translation; and numerous academic journal articles. She presents papers routinely at national and international academic conferences and has been the Visiting Aaron Aronoff Chair in Judaic Studies at the University of Alabama as well as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Currently Teaching

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: The Five Books of Moses (Torah)

Read the first five books of the Bible, tracing the processes by which they were formed and considering the multiple contexts that informed them.

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: War and Prophecy

Examine the different types of prophets in the Hebrew Bible, and explore the role they played within their larger society.

Demons in the Ancient Near East

Through readings and art, explore the role of demons—both good and evil—in the ancient Near East.

Crime and Punishment in the Ancient Near East

Examine law and the judicial process in the ancient Near East.