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Jim Keogh

Jim Keogh

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Currently Teaching

The People Domain of Project Management

Learn the “soft skills” of project management—the people processing competencies essential for an effective project manager.

The Data Domain of Project Management

Acquire the analytic skills needed for project management—the data processing competencies that are essential for an effective project manager.

Intelligent Leadership

Develop the skills needed to bring diverse individuals together into a cohesive, goal-oriented team.

Clinical Communications and Group Dynamics

Gain management techniques for interfacing with stakeholders when designing, developing, and implementing a project at a healthcare facility.

Extreme Project Management

Learn to manage extreme projects—those with high stakes, short planning periods, emphasis on quality, and few resources.

Enterprise Project Management

Get an overview of enterprise project management and the critical role of the project manager.

Project Management for Healthcare

Learn the theories, tools, and techniques for successful project management in the healthcare field.