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Real Estate Family Business Management

Family businesses in real estate control a vast portion of the global property market and, on average, outperform and last longer than nonfamily businesses. Whether the focus of the business is on financing, development, construction, or any subset therein, an understanding of how to maximize revenue and keep the business afloat generation to generation is important. Learning what the characteristics are of successful family real estate businesses and how to emulate them can mean the difference between boom and bust in your own career or that of your heirs. Those who are managing or working for a family business in real estate will benefit from this course, which features case studies and guest speakers. Topics covered in this course include family versus nonfamily business characteristics, ownership and succession, conflict resolution, sibling rivalry, compensation, estate planning, and best practices and emerging trends in real estate family business management. Also, discuss financing a family-owned enterprise and attracting and retaining both family and nonfamily talent.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Techniques to maximize revenue for a family real estate business
  • Techniques to maintain a family real estate business

Ideal for

  • Family members and heirs of a family real estate business
  • Nonfamily members working for a family real estate business
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