The Politics of Containment: What It Was, and Why It Still Matters

In 1947, Foreign Affairs published an anonymous article by Foreign Service Officer George Kennan laying the groundwork for the United States’ “containment” strategy during the Cold War. The idea, which remained a feature of United States foreign policy until 1991, called for limiting the influence of the Soviet Union and the expansion of communism throughout the world. In this course, we will discuss the assumptions behind and rationale for containment, and the ripple effects of the policy that can still be seen and felt in the 21st century. We will assess the ways in which containment played out in different regions of the world as well as the legacies of containment in contemporary geopolitics.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to define “containment” and trace its influences in policy and culture
  • A deeper understanding of US foreign policy during the Cold War

Ideal for

  • Anyone with an interest in American history and politics
  • Those wishing to learn more about Cold War culture, diplomacy, and strategy
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