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Sabermetrics: The New Statistical Genetic Code of Baseball

The origins of “America’s national pastime” are deeply entrenched in statistical analysis. Since Henry Chadwick created the sport’s first box score in 1859, baseball managers, participants, and fans have been infatuated with numbers. Statistics are deeply woven into the genetic code of the sport. Whether about home runs, strikeouts, or stolen bases, fans love participating in friendly debates involving the achievements of their favorite ball players, as well as those of all-time legends. A passion for baseball analytics also can become the starting point for a fascinating career. With new and innovative ways available to collect and process data, a statistical revolution is taking place in baseball that offers an emerging wave of professional opportunities for those who are fluent in sabermetrics—the statistical analysis of baseball that measures in-game activity. Experts in this growing and evolving field can help teams to plot their strategy and help agents to prove their client’s worth. In addition, these experts can work for a variety of media outlets, crunching the numbers and reporting on key trends. If you are interested in a career in baseball analytics, this course will provide a solid foundation in the elementary principles of sabermetrics. You will learn to analyze the performance of ball players, conceptualize and construct a major-league pitching rotation using data and technology, and assess the relevance of traditional statistics versus the advancements in sabermetrics. Learn from the pros, building your analytical skills and your appreciation for the numbers behind the game.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of key concepts and elementary principles that apply to sabermetrics
  • The ability to analyze the performance of baseball players through the use of sabermetrics
  • The skills to conceptualize and construct a major-league pitching rotation using data and technology

Ideal for

  • High school students who have completed grades 9, 10, or 11
  • High school students who are interested in exploring a career in sports management
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