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Voice and Diction: Unlocking Vocal Power

From leading meetings to projecting influence from the global stage, our voice can be a powerful amplifier of our expressions, opening opportunities for us at every turn.  This advanced pronunciation and fluency course deepens practice of individual articulation areas and applies targeted strategies for achieving more accurate production and fluency, all the while creating impact and influence in the process. Interactive class activities will focus on language for clarity and influence, providing distinctive focus on conscious enunciation and articulation practices as well as the intentional use of individual sounds, connected speech, word stress, intonation, and rhythm. Improve vocal performance in a variety of public speaking situations, including conversational, academic, and professional exchanges, with attention to an effective use of tone, register, and meaning. Receive intensive individual feedback.
This course is part of the Certificate in Executive Business English and Global Communication. It may be taken to pursue the certificate, or as a standalone course.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Proven speaking techniques for enhanced articulation, enunciation, and pronunciation
  • An awareness of key speaking patterns and strategies required for effective vocal performance

Ideal for

  • Global professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills, such as English speakers or multilingual speakers
  • Those looking to enhance voice quality and vocal pronunciation
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