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The Genetic Code of Baseball: Sabermetrics and the Next Generation of Statistical Analysis

The origins of America’s National Pastime are deeply entrenched in statistical analysis. Since Henry Chadwick created the sport’s first box score in 1859, baseball and its fans have had an infatuation with numbers. Statistics are deeply woven into the genetic code of the sport. Whether it is home runs, strikeouts, or stolen bases, fans truly love participating in friendly debates involving the achievements of their favorite ball players and all-time legends. A statistical revolution has been brewing in the sport for nearly forty years and baseball is finally in the midst of a golden age of data and technology. Acronyms such as WAR, OPS, and FIP are quickly replacing batting average, runs batted in, and wins in both relevance and significance. Today’s general managers are young and highly educated executives from prestigious universities who are devout disciples of Bill James, the godfather of Sabermetrics. Sabermetrics has become the language of the sport and its impact can be felt in every dugout and front office across Major League Baseball. With new information available, not only are teams able to better evaluate their players, but fans are able to consume the game like never before. From additional ways to research the game to more dynamic statistical analysis on broadcasts, the information revolution in baseball is here to stay. To compete and eventually move ahead in this dynamic and fast-paced environment, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of statistical analysis is essential.
Students pursuing the Certificate in Sports Analytics are required to complete Foundations in Sports Analytics/TGSC1-CE1000 before enrolling in this course. Flexibility  on the order of course completions may be granted, pending review of professional background/expertise.  For questions on the Certificate in Sports Analytics, please contact tischinstitute.ce@nyu.edu.   For assistance with registration, please call 212-998-7150.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to define key concepts and elementary principles which apply to sabermetrics
  • The ability to analyze the performance of ball players through their own research using tools such as Baseball Savant, Baseball Reference, and Fangraphs.
  • Insight on how technological advances in baseball impacted various areas of the sport; including journalism and league operations.
  • The ability to assess the relevance of traditional statistics versus the advancements in sabermetrics

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