Leading with Diversity, Inclusion, and Allyship: Communication Strategies

Professionals are constantly making decisions on hiring, work allocation, feedback, performance reviews, and promotions that may impact their team members and candidates differently based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and cultural background, among other identity traits. However, research shows that diverse teams are more productive and successful than their homogenous counterparts. Therefore, the workplace is faced with creating an inclusive environment so all members can thrive in a virtual or in-person work environment. In this course, you will learn the neuroscience of unconscious biases, how to counteract them, how to show up as an ally, and how to put systems in place to foster an inclusive and high-performing organization. This course will also cover how to recognize and combat unconscious biases in oral and written communication during hiring, work allocation, performance reviews, and promotions. You will also learn how to lead inclusive meetings, provide unbiased feedback, and hold conversations on race and gender as an ally. By the end of the course, you will have the tools to foster a more inclusive workplace.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A strong understanding of your own unconscious biases
  • The tools to communicate inclusively
  • Strategies for holding crucial conversations related to race and gender
  • Techniques for reducing biases during hiring, reviews, and promotions
  • Methods for holding inclusive meetings
  • Strategies for becoming an ally to diverse communities

Ideal for

  • Professionals looking to become more inclusive leaders
  • Professionals looking to learn more about diversity and inclusion
  • Non-diverse managers looking to build diverse teams
  • Professionals looking to pivot into a diversity & inclusion career
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.