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Finding Art Between the Lines: A Prose and Poetry Workshop

Writing is an act of discovery. When we read prose or poetry, we instantly form impressions. First, by the way words appear on the page—the use of white space, typography, order, and even disorder. As we step into a paragraph or stanza for the first time, we do so in the same way we might enter a new building or a foreign physical space—as outsiders. It’s no wonder, then, that the origin of the word stanza is from the Italian word for room. In this class, we will examine prose and poetry on the micro level, exploring the scaffolding of lines. What elements go into creating a visual and sonic pattern? How do white spaces and ellipses impact the meaning of the text and the reader’s experience? Through brief lectures, in-class writing exercises, workshopping, and constructive critiques, we will explore the art inherent in the line. We will draw inspiration from a diverse range of classic and contemporary masters, including Baudelaire, Elizabeth Bishop, Ocean Vuong, Lydia Davis, and Teju Cole.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how a reader experiences the physical space created by prose and poetry on the page
  • Your own writing samples that experiment with space, typography, punctuation, order, and disorder

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • Writers of all levels and all genres
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