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English/Portuguese Translation

  • Builds Skills for a Competitive Market
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Includes Theory and Practical Application

Potuguese is currently the seventh most-spoken language in the world and is key for conducting international business. The demand for English/Portuguese translators is on the rise. Building upon your fluency in English and Portuguese, learn techniques for effective translation of a wide range of documents (academic, scientific, medical, legal, financial, and web-based), using innovative tools including glossaries and new technologies.

English to Portuguese Technical Translation

Explore several areas of English to Portuguese technical translation, including engineering, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

2017 Summer
1 section

English to Portuguese Environmental Translation

Gain the skills and resources to translate efficiently and accurately from English to Portuguese in the increasingly in-demand environmental domain.

2017 Spring
1 section

English to Portuguese Medical Translation II

This course focuses on the translation of more advanced types of medical and healthcare-related documents from English to Portuguese.

2017 Spring
1 section

English to Portuguese Translating the News

Learn to translate the news from English to Portuguese, working with a wide variety of topics, such as the economy, entertainment, and local news.

2017 Spring
1 section

Portuguese to English Business Translation

Learn specialized knowledge for and practice translating professional documents from Portuguese into English related to business and finance.

2017 Spring
1 section

English to Portuguese Legal Translation II

Continue to hone your skills in English to Portuguese legal translation.

English to Portuguese Medical Translation I

Gain an introduction to the translation of medical documents and texts from English to Portuguese.

Portuguese to English Legal Translation I

Learn to translate legal documents from Portuguese to English.