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Magazine and Website Publishing

  • Builds Skills Across Platforms
  • Explores Content Creation/Audience Development
  • Focuses on Major Industry Media Outlets

To succeed in the rapidly changing industries of magazine and website publishing, there is a constant need for the updating of key skills sets. These courses teach those who are just starting out, as well as those who are established publishing professionals, how to create, sell, and market content across platforms.

Learn more about the Diploma in Copyediting, Proofreading, and Fact-Checking.

Adobe InDesign CC

Engage with desktop publishing options, illustrative techniques, and imaging possibilities using Adobe InDesign.

+ 1 more semester
3 sections

Navigating the Business of Podcasting

Explore opportunities to support your podcast through sponsorships, and discuss ways to increase distribution and discoverability.

2018 Summer
1 section

Travel Storytelling: Creating Video Content

Learn firsthand industry knowledge from famed travel storyteller Michaela Guzy, founder of Oh The People You Meet, and other experts.

2018 Spring
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Introduction to Digital Media

Learn how to reach new audiences for your publications, promote yourself or your publishing company, or extend your brand through online media.

1 section

An Editorial 360: Navigating the World of Magazine Editing

Gain an overview of the different roles an editor plays in magazine publishing, from content editing to copyediting and fact-checking.

Digital Storytelling Platforms and Methods in the Evolving Publishing Landscape

Explore groundbreaking digital projects, and acquire the editorial, marketing, and production skills required to produce them.