More Than a "Patient": Engaging the Healthcare Consumer Holistically

A revolution is underway in how patients want to engage with healthcare providers. Increasingly, patients see themselves as customers first, patients second, and are taking more control of their healthcare decisions, expecting the same level of service they have grown accustomed to in other facets of their lives. This course examines the increased use of social and digital media by healthcare consumers, their pursuit of more authentic perspectives from real patients, and the inclusion of nontraditional healthcare providers and spokespersons in their decision-making. In this course, you will evaluate the implications that technology affords healthcare consumers, from democratizing their relationships with healthcare providers to enabling them to age in place. This course provides a deeper examination of how healthcare “brands” need to respond to this communications revolution to remain relevant, and how to use social platforms more effectively to listen, learn, and engage with customers in a way that delivers value for all stakeholders.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to evaluate the evolution, role, and impact of social and digital media in the transformation of healthcare communications between patients and providers
  • An understanding of how to use social and digital tools and the ability to use them appropriately in the healthcare environment to identify customer insights and drive attitudinal and behavioral changes that deliver value for stakeholders
  • Skills to create a patient engagement strategy that responds to and anticipates different needs and concerns along the patient journey and provides a strong foundation for long-term relationships

Ideal for

  • Marketing and communications professionals who want to launch or advance their careers in the healthcare industry
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.