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LGBT Marketing and Public Relations

On average, LGBT households spend seven percent more than non-LGBT households (Nielsen). With over $830 billion in sales up for grabs, brands are increasing their marketing efforts to the LGBT community. Marketing to this unique and diverse audience requires more than just pride parades and rainbow flags. Building upon the concepts of a total market strategy, this course focuses on the specific skills and understanding that are needed to be successful within the LGBT community. Learn about the history of LGBT marketing and various struggles of the LGBT community in specific industries, such as healthcare, liquor, music, and finance. This course explores the key differences in marketing to LGBT audiences and provides methods for assessing the possibilities of LGBT campaigns for various companies. Upon completing this course, you will be a resource for internal and external communications departments that are seeking to build and strengthen their position within various LGBT communities or to run LGBT-focused marketing campaigns.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to audit various LGBT marketing and public relations efforts within your industry for success metrics and research
  • An understanding of the LGBT communications landscape and total market communications evolution
  • An overview of how to build LGBT-inclusive and empowering brand campaigns

Ideal for

  • Professionals who have some experience in marketing or public relations
  • Professionals who have some experience in marketing campaign and/or communication plan development
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