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Measuring the Impact of Marketing and Communication in an Age of the Quantified Self

Measuring the impact and value of marketing and communications has become more complicated and sophisticated than tracking media mentions, impressions, unique visits, clicks, and likes, especially for healthcare brands. The plethora of data sources available to different stakeholders at different stages of the value chain both aids and hinders measurement and analysis. This course provides an overview of what types of data sets are available and how to evaluate, choose, and track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for healthcare brands, depending on their business, marketing, and communications objectives. Use some of the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques, such as attitude and usage trackers to analyze and track KPIs and demand studies to quantify barriers and growth potential. This course also focuses on the opportunities as well as the emerging utilization and privacy challenges that data from wearables creates for organizations in this “age of the quantified self.”

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify KPIs to track specific business, marketing, or communications objectives for a range of healthcare brands and organizations
  • A working knowledge of select data sets and the most common tools used to analyze and measure healthcare brands
  • The ability to evaluate whether the appropriate qualitative and/or quantitative techniques have been used to measure marketing or communication investments
  • The skills to analyze and identify the potential opportunities and ethical issues that emerging healthcare offerings create for the healthcare ecosystem

Ideal for

  • Marketing and communications professionals who want to launch or advance their careers in the healthcare industry
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