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Deriving Data Insights for Marketing

This course leverages actual marketing data to illustrate the importance of basic statistical measures, and it teaches you how to run simple statistical analyses. Learn how to create univariate and summary statistics, to assess marketing test results, to apply various graphing techniques, and to perform a variety of data quality checks. Acquire the ability to calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion, assess the underlying distribution, identify outliers, deal with missing data, validate data ranges, conduct hypothesis tests, create confidence intervals, determine appropriate sample sizes, perform simple ANOVA and chi-square goodness-of-fit tests, and run correlation and simple linear regression analyses.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of proper sampling techniques
  • Tools to determine the appropriate sample sizes required to read marketing tests both offline and online with confidence
  • The ability to interpret chi-square and ANOVA test statistics

Ideal for

  • Professionals interested in building a strong foundation for a career in big data, business intelligence, or market research
  • Professionals seeking to explore the core concepts of statistical data analysis
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