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Successful Delegation: Achieving Results Through Others

Delegating effectively is a critical skill (that falls under the managerial function of organizing) that a manager or team lead should master for success on the job. It reduces a manager’s workload and develops employees’ skills, knowledge, job satisfaction, and commitment to the organization, if handled correctly. Mastering delegation also is a key skill for those who want to advance to higher levels of management within an organization. In this course, identify why managers fail to delegate; explore the concepts of responsibility, authority, and accountability; learn and apply the four major steps in the delegation process; and examine the common mistakes made during the delegation process. Gain the skills to delegate appropriate tasks and to do it successfully, to match delegated tasks with abilities and avoid reverse delegation, to recognize the types of responsibilities that can’t be delegated, and to monitor progress without over-managing.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of why the ability to delegate effectively empowers both managers and employees
  • Knowledge of and the ability to apply each step of the delegation process to achieve results through others

Ideal for

  • Managers and team leads
  • Those seeking to advance to higher levels of management

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