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Inside Art Litigation: The Untold Stories and Issues

Much press coverage has been devoted to the numerous legal disputes in the billion-dollar art market; however, many of the salient details have never been written about. This course is taught by Victor Wiener, who has been an expert witness in many important cases, and he will share with you an insider’s view of overlooked issues. Discuss the $8 billion valuation of the Detroit Institute of Arts, Christie’s disputed valuation in the Andy Warhol case, determination of loss in value for Steve Wynn’s damaged $139 million Picasso, the value of the newly minted Degas bronzes in the Brugnara criminal case, insurance fraud in the Cooperman case, the breach of contract Rothko decision involving the Sotheby’s sale, and the double murder in the P&E insurance claim, among many other eye-opening cases.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An inside look into some of the best-known art crime cases
  • An understanding of legal and ethical issues in the art market

Ideal for

  • Prospective and practicing art professionals
  • Art enthusiasts
  • Law professionals
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