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Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the New York of Their Time

Alexander Hamilton, the subject of the most acclaimed Broadway musical of our time, came to New York as an immigrant with a dream; got caught up in the Revolution; and, at a shockingly young age, became one of the most important individuals in the new nation. Arguably, no other “Founding Father” so shaped the destiny of the United States. Hamilton’s story culminated on June 11, 1804, when he was shot dead in a duel by Vice President Aaron Burr. Burr, who unlike Hamilton was to the manner born, was frustratingly hard to know, though similarly remarkable. In this course, both Hamilton’s and Burr’s stories will be told against the rich background of a fast-growing mercantile city with global reach—a city physically and morally devastated by the Revolution, but one that rose to become, by the time of Hamilton’s death, one of the most important port cities of the world, and, by the time of Burr’s death (1836), the “London of the New World.” Go beyond the story told in the hit Broadway show and discover the real men behind these legendary figures.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The real history behind the legendary figures of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
  • The role that New York City played in the new nation and in the world around the time of the American Revolution

Ideal for

  • History buffs
  • The curious and creative
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