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A Food History of New York

When New York City was mostly farms, “farm to table” was the norm. With urbanization, where did our food sources go? How have New Yorkers—working class, middle class, upper class—eaten through the centuries? How have immigrants shaped the city’s food culture? Delve into the ethnic foodways of New York City and the history of dining out (from haute cuisine to street vendors), as we ask how our food-obsessed culture of the 21st century is informed by a historical understanding of food in New York City. Throughout the course, discuss oysters, hot corn, terrapin, bagels, sushi, diet crazes, and more.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how today’s food scene in New York City came to be
  • Knowledge of the eating habits of different parts of New York society throughout history
  • Familiarity with immigrants’ contributions to New York City’s food culture

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • All members of the community—working, retired, and in between
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