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Great Civilizations of the Ancient Andean World

Explore the 2,500-year history of pre-Columbian civilizations in the Andean world. Beginning with Caral, the first city of Ancient America, we look at the mysterious shamanistic Chavín culture. We then move to Paracas, famous for its elaborate textiles used for mummy bundles, and Nazca, with its unprecedented geoglyphs. Next, we focus on the Moche culture, featuring extraordinary art and iconography and the richest tomb of Ancient America. Final sessions focus on the Tiwanaku and Huari highland empires, the Chimú of northern Peru, concluding with visits to the celebrated Inca (or Inka) culture, as seen in such sites as Cusco, Písac, and Machu Picchu.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the cultural landscape of pre-Columbian civilizations in the Andean world
  • Familiarity with the major urban centers and cultural products of the ancient Andes, including sites such as Machu Picchu

Ideal for

  • History buffs
  • All members of the community—working, retired, and in between
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