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Grantmaking Overview

  • Sets Priorities for Giving Wisely
  • Provides Analysis of Needs Assessment
  • Explains Value-Based Grantmaking

Grantmaking delivers funds, resources, or money to those individuals or organizations that qualify for them as decided by the grantmaking organization. These courses provide a general overview of the topic of grantmaking and the awarding of philanthropic grants across the nonprofit sector.

Intensive for New Philanthropists and Grantmakers

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience about, and fuel your passion for, grantmaking and private philanthropy.

2018 Summer
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Exit Strategies: A Key to Every Successful Grant

This course reviews the full range of how, when, and why to end a grant and shows you how to do so ethically and responsibly.

Funding Partnerships, Collaborations, and Mergers

Learn how to structure effective funder collaborations and partnerships from the very beginning and to set expectations for success.

Program Evaluation Approaches for Funders

Learn about different grant evaluation methodologies, including which ones work for which programs and which ones may not be worth utilizing at all.

Transitioning to a Career in Grantmaking

Gain an overview of the current philanthropy ecosystem and the various careers within grantmaking foundations.