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A Path Forward: Energy, Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change

The environmental impacts of energy production, industrial activity, and transportation have become a fundamental concern of governments, NGOs, and the general public over the past 50 years. Damage to public health and the environment comes in a number of ways, including from climate change, acid rain, urban smog, and hazardous wastes, among others. These impact not only human health but also the fundamental natural systems upon which all life depends. Examine the sources of energy, the methods of transforming energy into useful products such as electricity, and the impacts of the extraction and use of energy. We will look at the history of modern energy technologies and systems, as well as the economics. We also will look at the history and evolving shape of the modern environmental movement, in the US and globally, as well as the laws, regulations, and international regimes that govern how we address environmental and public health concerns. What has been the influence of special interests and how has this affected the progress of the laws? How has the private sector fought against environmental protection and also, increasingly in the past few years, served to advance sustainability?

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A deeper understanding of of the effects of energy production on the environment
  • The knowledge of how sources of energy are transformed into useful products and what the impacts are of those uses

Ideal for

  • Those who wish to learn more about environmental impacts of energy production
  • Students who would like to learn more about energy sources and their affect on the environment
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