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Greek and Latin

  • Taught by Those with a Mastery of the Language
  • Grounded in Cultural Contexts
  • Provides an Immersive Learning Experience

From the past to the present, you can learn Ancient Greek and Latin, the foundation of much classical literature, or you can build your skills in communicating in Modern Greek. These courses allow you to establish, enhance, or perfect your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Through professional instruction, you will expand your understanding of dialect, grammar, intonations, and word usage while improving idiomatic and grammatical conversational abilities.

Conversational Greek

If you have had some prior exposure to the Greek language, then this high-beginner-level course will help you to build upon that knowledge.

2018 Summer
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Greek: Modern I

In this beginner class, learn modern Greek within a cultural context, mastering Greek pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

2018 Summer
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Reading Ancient Greek

If you have a basic knowledge of ancient Greek, then use your skills to read and discuss an ancient Greek work that changes each semester.

2018 Summer
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Greek: Modern II

Expand the range of your grammatical structures, acquire new vocabulary, and converse on simple everyday topics in Greek.

Greek: Modern III

Continue to build your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in modern Greek.

Greek: Modern IV

Continue to expand vocabulary and strengthen conversational skills in modern Greek through dialogues, conversation, and reading.