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Inspired by the News and Real Life: Reading and Writing Fiction and "Exofiction" in French

Flaubert found his inspiration for Emma Bovary, one of literature’s most unforgettable women, in a short news item from a local paper—a fait divers. Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano used a missing persons notice in the classified ads to create the main protagonist for his novel Dora Bruder. This course looks at the reality-inspired works of contemporary writers, including Emmanuel Carrère, Morgan Sportès, Régis Jauffret, and Jean-Yves Le Naour, who create memorable fictional characters inspired by facts. This course also explores “exofiction,” a new literary phenomenon similar to biopics, with works by award-winning authors such as Adrien Bosc, Laurent Binet, Simon Liberati, Philippe Vasset, Lydie Salvayre, Christine Angot, Yasmina Khadra, Colette Fellous, and Jérôme Ferrari. As a student in this online course, you will be able to post links and interviews about the subject matter that inspired these writers, in order to compare/contrast journalistic and literary treatments of the same subject. Every week, you will be provided with short excerpts from these novels and you will submit your own short piece of fiction in French based on exofiction or a fait divers.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Improved writing skills in French
  • A better grasp of French prose style by reading excerpts of 21st-century writers

Ideal for

  • Anyone who has studied French at an advanced level and is interested in enhancing his/her writing skills
  • Writers, professionals, students, and advanced-level learners of French

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