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Leadership and the Environment

This course teaches effective leadership techniques with wide applicability, but with a focus on leading yourself and others through perhaps the great challenge of our time: climate change. Most people do not want to pollute the Earth, but society’s systems make avoiding it nearly impossible, even for knowledgeable people who are passionate about protecting the environment. The stakes are high and challenges great. Attempts to lead so far—by spreading facts, doom and gloom, and guilt and blame and by passing laws without popular support—haven’t worked. They often provoke resistance. Many new technologies, market-based solutions, and other innovations sound promising, but they still require social change—by billions of people—and that requires leadership. Despite global demand for leadership in environmental protection, almost no one has stepped up. Yet, high demand and low supply create opportunities for those with the skills, which this course imparts. Learn how to help people to realize their values and motivations and help them to achieve their goals—techniques you can apply broadly to your work and life. This course focuses on using leadership techniques learned from and inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi, Rachel Carson, Donella Meadows, and Henry David Thoreau. Learn to evoke people’s existing motivations, help them to address and resolve conflicts, and connect those motivations to the challenge of reducing pollution and greenhouse emissions. Lead in a way that imbues the work with meaning and ownership.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Effective leadership techniques that do not depend on authority
  • An understanding of what has and hasn’t worked in motivating people to protect the environment
  • The skills to implement motivational leadership that evokes people’s values and connects them to tasks, thereby giving them meaning and purpose

Ideal for

  • Professionals interested in improving their leadership skills
  • People interested in active, experiential learning
  • People who care about the environment and want to learn how to act effectively
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