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Storytelling for Social Impact

Storytelling is nearly as old as humankind, and it has recently come to the fore as one of the next hot business skills. Stories help us to learn about and understand the world, our identities, and our relationships with others. From a business perspective, compelling stories help professionals and brands to stand out from the crowd and to connect with colleagues, customers, and communities. Compelling and effective storytelling helps purpose-driven ventures to outperform competitors and sustain themselves for the long term. Storytelling is both an art and a craft. The structures and principles behind good storytelling are simple to learn, but difficult to perfect. In this hands-on interactive class, you will learn by doing, while giving and getting plenty of feedback along the way. Become familiar with the basic structures of compelling stories, with an emphasis on social and cultural entrepreneurship, and work individually and in teams to craft verbal, visual, and written stories. Then, learn how to apply these storytelling skills to professional bios, “about us” statements, and other professional content.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Your own natural storytelling skills, uncovered and refined
  • Knowledge of how to use stories as a starting point for creating both business and social value
  • An understanding of how stories work on a structural level, from a strong memorable start to a compelling call-to-action closing

Ideal for

  • Professionals who want to stand out from the crowd and to connect with colleagues, customers, and communities
  • Those who seek to improve their storytelling for use in social and cultural entrepreneurship

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  • Spring 2019

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      Spring 2019
    • Date

      Apr 2 - Apr 23
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Huang, Lee-Sean
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      Woolworth Building