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ESL Listening and Speaking: High-Intermediate B

In this high-intermediate-level English course, students focus on listening and speaking for both general and academic purposes. Students listen to authentic materials in English, such as news reports, lectures, interviews, and presentations, and then discuss them. They work in pairs or groups to prepare speeches and presentations that further explore the topics from the listening material. By the end of the course, students are able in English to paraphrase listening material, state an opinion providing concrete reasons, and provide a clear summary. Additionally, they are able to be active listening/speaking participants on topics of personal and general interest.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to tell comprehensible and detailed stories in English with a beginning, middle, and end and to deliver a summary of a level-appropriate text
  • The ability to understand various types of level-appropriate audio materials, descriptions, explanations, and narratives in English
  • The ability in English to give a clear and detailed oral description or explanation, to give reasons for personal opinions, and to participate fully and appropriately in conversations on topics of personal and general interest

Ideal for

  • Nonnative speakers of English
  • High-intermediate-level students of English who are looking to advance their professional, academic, and personal goals
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      Fall 2021
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      Sep 14 - Oct 26
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      • In-Person/Online Blended
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      In-Person/Online Blended
      • In-Person/Online Blended
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    Tuition $899