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Keys to Successful Negotiation

As an international student, learn the fundamentals of planning and executing various types of negotiations by studying strategies that are used by the best negotiators in the world. If you are looking to succeed not only in business but also in personal and academic situations, the course teaches you persuasive language and techniques, and then gives you the opportunity to practice these newly gained skills in an interactive workshop setting. In addition to salary and promotion, learn to negotiate more flexible work hours, longer vacations, greater responsibility and input on personal and business decisions, and much more. In turn, you will develop interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with others.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to communicate more fluently and accurately in English
  • The knowledge of how to negotiate persuasively
  • The skills needed to work well with others

Ideal for

  • Nonnative speakers of English
  • Students looking to advance their professional, academic, and personal goals
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