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Serbian 16-Point Proficiency Exam

Please note that we are unable to administer in-person exams at our NYU campus at this time. If your school or institution is able to provide in-person proctoring at one of its sites, taking one of our language proficiency exams at your school or institution may be an option for you. Please DO NOT register to take one of our in-person language proficiency exams before contacting our office for more information. We can be reached at 212-998-7030 or sps.flpe@nyu.edu .
The 16-point exam in Serbian is the same as the 12-point exam but with the addition of a 350-word essay on a more complex subject. Students are required to write about abstract ideas, support an argument, hypothesize, and compose longer paragraphs. They have three hours to complete the entire 16-point exam. Credit granted is at the discretion of the institution receiving the results. Students are strongly urged to discuss accreditation with the institution’s adviser prior to taking the exam.

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