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Arabic 16-Point Online Proficiency Exam

NOTE: Online language proficiency exams are offered year-round. Once you register to take an exam, you will be able to schedule the exam on a date that is convenient for you, even if the exam date will be before or after the semester dates listed below in the section details .
The 16-point exam in Arabic is the same as the 12-point exam, except that it includes advanced oral and written components. In the oral component, you will listen to a recorded statement in Arabic. After listening to the statement, you are then asked to record a maximum two-minute oral response in Arabic, taking a stance on the statement and defending your point of view. The written component of the exam consists of an extended 350-word essay on a more complex topic. You will be asked to write about abstract ideas, support an argument, hypothesize, and compose longer paragraphs. You will be allotted three hours to complete the entire 16-point exam. No dictionaries, reference tools, or other support materials are permitted. Credit granted is at the discretion of the institution receiving the results. You are strongly urged to discuss accreditation with the institution’s adviser prior to taking the exam.

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