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Extreme Project Management

An “extreme project” is one in which the stakes are high, the luxury of a long planning period is nonexistent, quality is paramount, and resources are few. As a project manager or team member, learn extreme project management theory and processes and employ the tools required to complete such a project. You are encouraged to take this course with a multidisciplinary team of four to six members and to bring a project that you currently are working on. Then, work with your team to complete and deliver your project plans to senior management (subject to availability) for approval.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An overview of extreme project management theory and processes
  • An understanding of how to apply the tools required to complete an extreme project

Ideal for

  • Project managers and team members who seek to explore the core concepts of extreme project management
  • All levels of professionals with some project management experience

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  • Spring 2018
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      Spring 2018
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      Feb 27 - Apr 10
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      Keogh, Jim
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