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Negotiation and Contracting

Project managers and others often work with a complex lineup of vendors, purchasers, and subcontractors. Understanding the contracting process, including negotiating strategies and tactics, is a critical part of keeping projects on target and within budget. In this course, acquire an overview of the negotiation and contracting process. Learn how to prepare for negotiations, to establish a starting position, to read and influence the other party, and to move toward closure. Gain insight into how to interpret and to administer contracts. Special attention is given to performance and cost control from the project manager’s viewpoint.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An overview of the contracting process
  • Knowledge of how to prepare for negotiations, establish a starting position, influence the other party, and move toward closure

Ideal for

  • All levels of professionals who seek to explore the core concepts of contracts, procurement, and negotiation
  • Professionals across the experience spectrum in contracts, procurement, and negotiation

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