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Anne Hoy

Anne Hoy

Adjunct Instructor

Anne H. Hoy is the author of The Book of Photography: The History, The Technique, The Art, The Future (National Geographic), Fabrications: Staged, Altered and Appropriated Photographs (Abbeville), and four other books on camera art, modern design, and popular culture. A former curator at the International Center of Photography, she is also an editor of art books and exhibition texts for the New York Historical Society and Rizzoli, among other publishers. She has taught the history of modern art at NYUSPS since 1995 and holds an advanced degree in art history from NYU's Institute of Fine Arts.

Past Courses

Inside "Outsider Art": New Collectors, New Exhibits

Learn about the mixed-media movement of “outsider art”—its history, influences, artists, and presence in New York collections.

Art Since 1945: What You Need to Know

Delve into the postwar American and international art movements and learn about their formal concerns, vocabulary, and most influential artists.