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Mark Meretzky

Mark Meretzky

Adjunct Associate Professor

Fluent in C and C++ under Unix, with experience in Java on Android, Swift on Apple iOS, and miscellaneous languages such as Perl, Ruby, and Lua. A veteran of 20 years of C++ programming plus six years in the compiler industry, with practice in modularizing large programs, managing complexity, and making source code easier to understand.

Also a dynamic speaker with a special interest in organizing information in tutorial form, ranging from one-hour lectures to full-semester courses. Skilled at putting himself in the learner’s place, finding the structure in an amorphous body of knowledge, and creating suites of economical examples that build on each other.

Have taught courses in C, C++, Unix, Android, and iOS at schools including NYU, Pace, and Columbia; at companies including Bloomberg, CitiBank, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Scudder, and SIAC; and at conferences including Agile, DevCon5, QCon, and SANS.

Past Courses

Introduction to Android App Development

Acquire the skills to write simple Android apps Java and XML using the free application Android Studio.

Intermediate Android App Development

Learn to develop applications that run on Android OS, and then make them available to the world using the Google Play store.