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Priscilla Karant

Priscilla Karant

Clinical Assistant Professor

Priscilla Karant has been teaching at the American Language Institute since 1974. She has also taught English in France.  An author of four textbooks on writing, grammar, speaking, and reading for advanced ESL students, she has lectured on best teaching practices in the United States and in Europe.  She specializes in teaching writing to the advanced international professional, academic English to graduate and undergraduate students, and speaking skills to the international professional.  Currently, she is working on a book on teaching and learning. She has been given an award in Teaching Excellence from SPS at New York University.

Currently Teaching

Effective Business Communication II

Boost confidence in the workplace by learning strategies for speaking English with greater fluency and idiomatic control.

Writing Effectively II

Learn techniques to strengthen your own English writing by reading works by the best authors.

ESL Reading and Writing 9 - S

Students with near-native English fluency learn to write concise, cohesive essays for an American audience and to analyze well-known writers.

ESL Listening and Speaking 9 - S

Students with near-native English fluency analyze well-known speakers and learn to give presentations on complex ideas.